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[21 Mar 2010|05:39pm]

>> sashimi salad << 

coco is an ultimate badass!

slurp noodles

P H O T O >>> blog <<< [21 Mar 2010|05:21pm]
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[21 Mar 2010|05:18pm]
Hello everyone!


off to bake millions of cookies, brb~!
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[02 Sep 2009|03:32pm]
HELLO, I'm still alive.

My photos have migrated (slightly) to the world of tumblr. Don't worry! I will still type words here. 

Los fotos ahora estan aqui:

- Japan
Tumblr has some photos of the trip up. It was 4 glorious days, with 1000+ photos.
I will add photos frequently! I'm rather picky so there will only be 3 added per day.

- Summer school
Blehh. That is all.

- Ponyo
THE most amazing film I've watched this year. I loved everything about the movie. Such a colorful exploration of innocence and pure bliss, mixed in a super smoothie of childhood funtimes, topped with a message of TREAT THE EARTH and SEA RIGHT, FOOLS.
- District 9
Apartheid allegory, a tragic hero, tentacle-y folk, and funky alien guns with crazy powerful effects. Lots of implosions, explosions, and splats of ketchuppy blood. Hooray!
- Inglorious Basterds
An insane combination of comedy, tragedy, drama, suspense, action, adventure, etc. etc.
"THEY CALL HIM THE BEAR JEW." Also, can-see-right-through-your-beefsteak Colonel Landa would rival Umbridge. Till the very end, that is.

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[16 Jul 2009|03:33am]

hellooo :) 阿咯哈!

I'M AMUSED BY THE FACT THAT the 7-11 MASCOTS HERE are called Open and Lock.

I'm happy to be with the familia again, yet I miss the people of 木鱼。
As the Zen stories say, we will see each other again someday, ... or some life.
(Yes, I was listening in lecture, after all!)



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[03 Dec 2007|08:49pm]
  • so i decided to apply to yet another school. Y_Y
    • the deadline is next monday!
  • my counselor is really really spiffy.
    • i gave her the forms today. she earnestly promised to finish by thursday. amazing!!
  • things i have yet to do!!
    • triads (11)
    • common app ensayos (soon!)
    • p___p physics !!
    • christmas shopping
    • TARTINE omg!
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[29 Nov 2007|09:41pm]

bonnie pink - 5 more minutes
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[22 Nov 2007|09:36pm]

0 0
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[21 Nov 2007|07:23pm]
thank you melly, gigi, wanda, jean, connie!
you all are amazing!

i shall finish soonnn.

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[21 Nov 2007|07:14pm]
the turkey dinner was today.
we hoped our aunt could come but she cancelled anyway.
i like cranberry jelly goop and corn together.
we burnt, or "smoked" our turkey.

about the essays: progress is sluggish.
i have 5 drafts of one, 3 drafts of the other.
i hope i'll be able to improve and then choose.

thank-q to all friends both real and imaginary!
and my camera.

{photos shall be up by the end of the month}
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[20 Nov 2007|06:00pm]
i updated photos

haz clik aqui

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[20 Nov 2007|01:18am]


Other things to do:
  • Mail cards to amigos
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list-o. [04 Nov 2007|12:49pm]
    • diana+  75. {with agfa film}
    • fisheye original 75. {strap, how-to, book o' inspiration, cutter}
    • holga. 105. {deluxe kit}
    • total: 255 {free s&h}
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[01 Nov 2007|09:36pm]
I love you all.

I am so tired D:
(and choco-coma'd.)
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pick up your teeth... [14 Oct 2007|09:52pm]
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[15 Aug 2007|07:18am]
[ mood | z_z ]

- - - -

I wish you all were here. Really.

- - - -

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Taiwan [16 Jul 2007|05:46pm]
[ mood | fantastic ]

Some things that happened in the past two fantastically spiffy days:

x splurged on stationery. 70$, wows. I felt like Santa carrying all that cutesy stoof.

x stuffed myself like a tofurkey! holy fishsticks, taiwan food is delicious and it still surprises me every time I visit.

x have not yet fallen victim to the mosquitoes, most possibly thanks to the weather! 
shinzhu = holy windy city. we've actually had rain too. the cold version! amazing.

x COSMICOLOR !!! this cd is genius.
yes, I didn't download it. I have a teeny bit of moral left.

x found a REALLY CUTE schedule book that perfectly fits me!
(and for 3.20$!!)

^ wow, my materialism shines ever so brightly, haha.

aggie, nicole, sara!! expect a package of gifts late September. :)


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[09 Jul 2007|06:22pm]
I love shopping for gifts.
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[06 Jul 2007|05:39pm]
[ mood | i post too much :x ]

The Format are offering up a free download of their album Dog Problems as part of their anniversary.
                They're spiffy pop/rock, enjoy. (:
click here
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[05 Jul 2007|03:04pm]
F o o d photos coming soon

from cafe madeleine

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